About us

My love for all natural-related products started 18 years ago when struck by some health issues, I met this wonderful person and healer who helped me by prescribing herbal remedies and plant lotions that not only worked  but also made me realize that the human race is part of the nature scheme and that all ailment remedies can be provided by Mother Earth.

I developed this interest in understanding the function of the plants and the similarities between plants and humans in recognizing pathogen agents.  Just like us, plants breathe, eat, drink and use energy and as this beautifully summarizes it:  “Plants do everything that people do, but they do it quieter, slower and with greater dignity.” Nature heals itself, animals heal themselves from nature and our ancestors understood the power of nature. The past 60 years have seen people favoring chemically designed remedies, lotions, perfumery and even food copied on the so complex plants structure for cost-effective reasons but many have seen the limitations and sometimes the dangers of these products and this explains the recrudescence in the usage of traditional applications, treatments or receipes.

Ki-organics humble goal is to share this passion for organic beauty care, organic essential oils, organic food and organic products in general that not only provide a quick relief of simple ailments but also that guarantee the preservation of the planet by using ingredients and materials that are environment-friendly.

Ki means the life energy that circulates in all things. Negative and positive energies need to be balanced in the body to create good health. This is what is represented in the Ki-organics’ logo.

Sending you all my love.


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