Organic sex toys and organic personal lubricants

by Christine

Why choosing organic sex toys

Organic products are in fashion because consumers are becoming more and more aware of their health and the environment. However, when we think organic, we think mostly of organic food products or organic skin care products but there are many ways to adopt the organic lifestyle. Another way is to consider the use of organic sex toys and organic personal lubricants.

Sex toys are for most part made of plastic and we don’t really know where those materials are coming from. They typically contain PVC (a widely produced plastic) and phthalates, a substance added to plastic material to make it flexible. Phthalates are slowly being banned in the USA, Canada and Europe because it is not only damaging for the environment but it also has been linked to many health concerns such as obesity and reproductive defects among others.

What are organic sex toys made of?

Meanwhile, organic sex toys favor material such as 100% medical grade silicone, glass or wooden sex toys such as the ones used in ancient civilizations. So why not going with eco-friendly and chemical-free adult sex toys that will make you feel good in every sense of the term.

Organic personal lubricants

organic personal lubricantOrganic personal lubricants like other organic products are made of organic ingredients and are paraben-free, chemicals-free, hypo-allergenic and anti-toxic. They contain natural ingredients and essential oils and are as efficient as regular personal lubricants, only safer.

So try it now, go for organic pleasures!

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